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Where is the fuel filter located on a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse gs?


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Take a look at your back seat. Take off the seat and under it, you will see about two doors that you have to un bolt to get to the fuel tank. Once you get their, take out the fuel pump. The filter should be within.

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There is no cabin A/C filter for eclipse there is only the endeavor and the galant 04-07 that actually has the filter

The vehicle speed sensor is located on the transaxle

Transaxle filter?? Does not have one. It does however have a transmission filter that is located inside the transmission.

The oil filter for a 2002 mirage should be on the passenger side. It is at the front of the engine on that side.

What is the radio code for a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse gt?

Test Drive - 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse was released on: USA: 30 July 2005

Left End of Dash with fuses, there is two of them.

ok..i have a 2000 eclipse v6 my thermostat was located..look the bottom hose of the radiator follow that hose that goes to your engine it should be there ..kkkk..

Just tried to buy one from dealer, was informed it does not have a cabin filter

The only way you can upgrade your 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse alternator is to change the alternator. Larger amperage alternators are available.

Get your VIN and contact you local Mitsubishi dealership.

There are many places where one can buy parts for a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse. They can be bought from such websites as CARiD and CarPart4less, as well as from eBay.

A 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse uses standard 10w30 motor oil. This provides a good balance of protection for the engine components and viscosity.

The resistor is located on a duct behind the glove compartment and the glove compartment back.

its in your manual... i have a Mitsubishi eclipse gt 2002 manual and it needs SAE 75W-85W (GL-4) don't know about the A/T...

The filter is located behind the torque converter in the Lancer. Changing the filter is a long process and is recommended only if there is an issue with the transmission.

The fuel filter is located WITH the fuel pump AKA fuel module is what Mitsubishi calls this bundle, to access remove rear seats where you will find the cover to the assembly. The Fuel pump and Fuel Filter are intergrated to each other to save weight.

The minimum brake rotor thickness for a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse is 1.17 inches. When it falls below this thickness, braking performance will suffer and must be replaced.

fue filter can be located at the left rear tyre and you will need a 14 spanner to pull filter and a 10 socket to remove bracket.

The firing order for a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse 3.0L engine is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. This is a relatively unusual firing order. It is in a clockwise rotation.

the 2002 Mitsubishi eclipse gs is a front-wheel drive car. The last version of the all wheel drive eclipse ended 2nd gen.

Where is the thermosts for 2002 mitsubishi diamante located

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