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Where is the fuel filter located on a Dodge Dakota?


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April 09, 2011 6:02AM

That depends on the model year, engine type, and engine displacement.

Pre 1993 carbureted models use an inline filter located in locations as follows:

  • On 4 cylinder carbureted engines, the fuel filter (and incorporated reservoir), is located adjacent to the carburetor.
  • On V6 carbureted engines, the fuel filter is located on the front, passenger corner of the engine, next to the oil sump and almost directly below the fuel pump. Follow the fuel lines to it.

Pre 1993 fuel injected models use an inline fuel filter located on the driver's side framerail, under the truck box.

1994 and later, fuel injected models, use a fuel filter that is integerated with the fuel pump module inside the fuel tank. To replace the filter, the entire fuel pump module must be replaced. This requires the removal of either the fuel tank, or the truck box. Either method is about the same amount of work.