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Where is the fuel filter on a 2000 Kia Sportage and would this cause the car to surge if clogged?


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look in beside and under the battery on the bed rail it is right there.. it is a wix part number33631 replacement.. made for kia by wix It would probably burn out the fuel pump first. Post your findings.


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Possible clogged or partially clogged fuel filter, or a timing issue.

Clogged fuel filter, engine timing, spark plug fouled, fuel octane, even a loose nut behind the steering wheel can cause these issues.

Engine surge in a 2004 Kia Sedona is often caused by a clogged fuel filter or dirty injectors. When insufficient fuel reaches the engine, it will exhibit these symptoms.

A dirty or clogged air filter would cause excessive fuel consumption, and it could cause the engine to surge, but I'm not sure about the drop in your alternator guage.

The RPMs and the engine of the 2001 Oldsmobile Alero might surge if there is a problem with the oxygen or fuel sensor. It may also surge if there is a problem with the fuel injectors or the fuel filter.

The first things to check are the air intake, the fuel pump/filter and the governor.

my sparkplugs are gaped to wide can that cause my car to surge and poor starting

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1. Clogged fuel filter? 2. Fouled spark plugs? 3. Clogged fuel injector(s)? 4. Faulty plug wires? Check for stray sparks while the engine is idling in total darkness. 5. Does this help any?

Engine overheating will cause the anti-freeze to surge into the overflow tank. A blown head gasket will also cause the anti-freeze to surge into the overflow tank.

You probably have a dirty carburetor causing that surge.

Air filter and/or fuel filter may be clogged; carburetor needle valve(s) and/or linkage may need adjustment. You may have an exhaust valve that is leaking or your head(heads) needs to be decarboned another check if you have a point style ignition, clean and regap the points

The power window fuse for a Kia Sportage is located in the main fuse panel under the steering column. It is used to prevent the motor from drawing too much power or being damaged by a surge.

The surge protector might not work properly because it works from its direct source, and if it is connected to an extended source, the extension cord, the surge will get too big for the surge protector to stop the surge immediately, but the extension cord allows it to travel and cause a bigger surge.

the engine to stall and surge at idle

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Fuel filter plugged?Air filter dirty?weak fuel Pump?

Being that the capacitor appears as a short during the initial charging, the current through the diodes can momentarily be quite high. To reduce risk of damaging the diodes, a surge current limiting resistor is placed in series with the filter and load.

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Its due to increase surge of catecholeamines cause by sympethetic nervous system....

Check your vacuum lines this usually the cause for a surge in engine speed when idling or running.

A malfunctioning water heater can cause hot and cold water to surge through the shower heat. A faulty water pump can also cause this problem.

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