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Where is the fuel filter on a 92 subaru svx?

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September 13, 2011 10:46AM

it is on passanger side of engine. its a cup shape device with fuel lines coming in and out. its black with clamps on it. u cant miss just look.


Scott here, on my 92 svx it is located along the edge of driverside about halfway up. It is upright with two bent straw like stems on the top pointing slightly away from each other in the general direction of the engine. both stems protrude rubberhoses similar to the diameter of a tripple a battery. One line extends downward and the other travles to the left ending at the top right side of the engine. When replacing the filter you should also replace the factory crimp type fasteners on the hoses with screw type hose clamps.

Before replacing the fuel filter, you need to disconnect the power to the fuelpump to relieve the pressure in the line. To do this, disconnect the wiring to the fuel pump, which is under the passenger side of the back seat.