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it is on passanger side of engine. its a cup shape device with fuel lines coming in and out. its black with clamps on it. u cant miss just look.

AnswerScott here, on my 92 svx it is located along the edge of driverside about halfway up. It is upright with two bent straw like stems on the top pointing slightly away from each other in the general direction of the engine. both stems protrude rubberhoses similar to the diameter of a tripple a battery. One line extends downward and the other travles to the left ending at the top right side of the engine. When replacing the filter you should also replace the factory crimp type fasteners on the hoses with screw type hose clamps.

Before replacing the fuel filter, you need to disconnect the power to the fuelpump to relieve the pressure in the line. To do this, disconnect the wiring to the fuel pump, which is under the passenger side of the back seat.

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How to remove door panel from 95 Subaru SVX?

not exactly sure if its the same as a 92 subaru svx but if it is then there are 2 screws on the far right and one in the place you put your hand. then lift up and it should come right off.

Where can you find a wiring diagram for a 92 Subaru SVX for free?

Try Subaru technical advice on 0121 747 4000 and ask them for a fax copy(no emails!) PS they're on lunch 12.30 - 1.30 What luxury!

Where is the fuel filter located on a 92 dodge colt 200e?

The fuel filter is under the hood, mounted on the firewall.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 92 Plymouth Acclaim?

Filter is located in the fuel line under the right rear(passenger side)of the vehicle, adjacent to the fuel tank.

Why is your 92 t-bird not getting fuel to engine?

could be fuel pump, fuel filter or fuse for the fuel pump.

Where is the fuel filter location for a 1992 MB 400SE?

gas filter location 92 Mercedes 400se

Where is the fuel filter located on a 92 Mazda MX3?

Under the back seat

Where is the fuel filter on a 92 318 BMW?

Under the right back seat.

How do you unstop a fuel filter in a 92 toyato pickup?

i suggest you just replace it

Where is the fuel filter located on 92 Honda nighthawk motorcycle?

Right at the fuel shutoff- its in the bowl under the SO

Where is the fuel pump relay located in a 92 subaru legacy?

The fuel pump relay on a 1992 Subaru Legacy is just above the internal fuse box. The fuse box is located on the drivers side, under the dash.

Does the 92 subaru svx has spark plug wire and coil?

every gas engine has atleast one coil, in a vehicle older than say 10 years it probably has one coil that leads to a distributor which has a spark wire going to each piston. The SVX has SIX coil packs, one on each cylinder. No spark plug wires, no distributor.

Where is 1996 lumina fuel filter at?

Mine is under the driver door. I have a 92 try there

Where is the fuel filter located for a '92 Geo Tracker?


What is wrong with a 92 Bonneville if it keeps dying while driving?

could be fuel filter

92 Chevy blazer bogs down when trying to accelerate?

Change the fuel filter

Where is the fuel filter on a 92 eagle talon?

passager side of the engine bay. follow the fuel rail inlet line.

Where is fuel filter in a 92 chev caprice?

the fuel filter is located underneath the vehicle on the passengers side frame rail just in front of the tank. follow the fuel line on the passengers side from the tank.

How do you find out which one is the interior light fuse on a 92 subaru svx?

under the hood to the top right there should be a black box with some printing on it, take the lid off and there are fuses under it, refer to the top of the lid to locate the proper fuse.

What would cause the fuel flow to stop off and on on a 92 Pontiac Lemans 1.6?

fuel filter stopped up or fuel pump loosing fire.

Is it hard to change a fuel filter on a 92 pontiac bonneville?

Generally no. The filter should be located near the front axel, follow the fuel line forward to locate the filter. My 92 SE had plastic clips that held the filter, allowing easy removal and replacement. Yours may have different (metal) clips that could possibly be rusted. A fuel line repair kit may be necessary in that event.

How do you empty gas tank of 92 Lincoln mark 7?

Get a syphon hoseAnswerremove the fuel filter

How do you repair leaking fuel filter housing on 92 Dodge 5.9 Cummins?

Replace the part it is leaking from.

Your 92 ford tempo wont start after you put in a new fuel pumpwhat else should you try?

Check for Fuel in tank. Check Fuel Filter. Check Fuel Fuses.

Where is fuel filter on 1988 Toyota pickup fuel injected 22r?

I own a 92' Toyota pickup and i recently changed the fuel filter. It sat down between the block and the intake manifold on the back near the firewall. Check there.