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Where is the fuel filter on a 99 beetle tdi?

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Look under the hood, on the very left side (after you remove the plastic engine cover) - You're looking for a vertical cylinder, slightly larger than a can of soda. It has 2 fuel hoses running through it, so that should help you easily identify it.

2007-12-29 20:55:27
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What mileage should you get with a Volkswagen beetle diesel?

i guess that depends on what year it is. i think that they take a while to break in. i have a 99 beetle tdi and if the tires are correctly inflated and the fuel injector have been well maintained i can get 40-42mpg in the city and about 50-53mpg on the highway

Why would a 99 vw beetle start and then cut right back off?

'99 beetles are fuel injected. Problems can be from clogged injectors or filter, faulty relay, or fuel pump. I am experincing the same problem on my '99 and have it narrowed down to, in my case, either the relay or the pump.

What type of fuel filter use for a Honda Accord 99 v6?

what type of fuel filter use for ahonda accord 99 v6

How do you change a fuel filter on 99 durango?

The fuel filter is part of the Fuel pump assembly, located in the gas tank of the '99 Durango. It cannot be changed independently of the fuel pump.

Fuel filter for a kawasaki bayou 220?

Where is the fuel filter on a 99 Kawasaki bayou 220

Where is the fuel filter and the fuel pump located on the 99 Mercury Mystique?

Waiting for my answer

How many fuel filters on 99 Lincoln Continental?

It has one fuel filter.

Where is the fuel filter on a 99 Camry?

It's under the battery.

Where is fuel filter located on a 99 Lexus gs300?

In the fuel tank, wrapped around the fuel pump.

Where is the fuel filter on a 2004 Chevy HD?

Starting around 99 the fuel filter is part of the fuel pump in the tank itself. Not to be changed unless changing fuel pump.

Does a 99 dodge 1500 have a fuel filter and if so where is it located?

no it doesnt it comes with the fuel pump

Does a 99 7.3 F250 have in tank filter or is it just the one on the top of the motor?

A 99 7.3 F250 just has a fuel filter on top of the motor.

99 surburban won't startchanged plugwiresnew fuel filter 1yr old fuel pmpif i our gas in the intake it will startidlebut won't restart?

check your fuel filter

How do you change fuel filter on a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?

how do i chanfe the fule filter on a 99 Pontiac grand am

Where is the fuel filter located on a 99 Chevy Malibu?

It is located with the fuel pump in the top of the gas tank.

Where is the fuel filter on the 99 dodge caravan located on the van?

It is above the inboard edge of the fuel tank.

Where is the fuel filter for a 99 Jeep Cherokee?

The fuel filter is inside the tank, and is considered an non serviceable part. It can be replaced but the the entire tank must be dropped and the fuel pump/sending unit removed to access the filter.

In a 2000 Land Rover Range Rover where is the fuel filter?

The Range Rover P38 ('99-02) with the Bosch petrol engine doesn't have a fuel filter.

What would cause the fuel gauge on a 99 volkswagon beetle to go past full after I fill it up when it is cold How do I fix it?

fuel sending unit

Where is a fuel filter located on a 99 Toyota Corolla?

The fuel filter for the Corolla 1.8L is located inside the fuel tank. Remove the lower portion of the rear seat to expose a cover. Remove the cover and pump/filter assembly to gain access to the filter.

Where is the fuel filter on a 99 land rover discovery?

The fuel filter is behind the right rear tire. To access you need to remove the right rear back tire. If you plan to change the fuel filter it is a good idea to disconnect the fuel filter relay and start motor until it stalls. Also, disconnect battery prior to fuel filter removal.

What Cause Jerking on a 99 Mercury Cougar?

The primary cause for jerking on a 99 Mercury Cougar is the engine not getting enough fuel. This can be a sign of a clogged fuel filter, bad fuel pump, or clogged fuel injectors.

Where is the fuel filter on a 99 Mazda 626?

If it's a 4 cyl the fuel filter is located on the drivers side of the engine compartment near the firewall. It is a cylinder with a fuel line coming in and going out of it.

Where is the fuel pump located in a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It is on my 99 grand in side the fuel tank and the fuel filter is under the trunk .

Changing a fuel filter in a 99 Dodge Durango?

The fuel filter is part of the fuel pump assembly located in the gas tank and cannot be changed independently. Your fuel pump will fail at about 100K miles, so you will change it then