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There is no "fuel injector relay." Power is supplied to the fuel injectors through a power feed that comes directly from a leg off of the PCM power relay circuit, and the ground side of the injectors are pulsed from drivers inside of the PCM. There is a PCM power relay that supplies power to the PCM (main computer) and there is fuel pump relay, that supplies power to the fuel pump. Unfortunately neither of those relays is servicable by themselves. They are built into a unit called a IRCM or CCRM. (Integrated Relay Contol Module or Consatnt Control Relay Module). This unit is a box mounted directly under the plastic panel that runs across the top of the radiator support, held on by four 8mm screws, and has all of your emmissions stickers on it. Remove that panel, and you will be staring right at a box that is about 4inches by 4 inches. That is the IRCM. The last time I checked, it costs about $150-$200. If you are trying to fix a no-start condition, however, it may not be the problem. The IRCM does fail from time to time, but it rarely does. I would not just throw this part at the car, without properly diagnosing it. The most common problem with this car is a corroded ground input from the battery to the PCM relay circuit. Check very closely the battery ground wire. There should be one or two smaller black wires coming off of the battery ground wire. One of those is the PCM ground. These often get corroded or sometimes people replace the cable, and leave it off, causing the PCM relay to loose it's ground. This would prevent the PCM and anything else from getting power, since the relay will not switch on without it's ground. I would check that first before doing anything else. If that isn't the problem, then full diagnostics should be run before replacing anything.

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Q: Where is the fuel injector relay in a 1986 Mercury Sable?
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