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Where is the fuel pomp Honda Accord 1991?


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Fuel Pump Located Inside The Gas Tank.


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Honda accord 98-00 Electrical Troubleshooting Guide page91-2 for the V6. It shows the Windshield Washer Motor routed through Fuse 7 at 7.5A Drivers Under dash Fuse/relay Box. Routed to yellow/green wire at connector 15.

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- The easiest way is to add few liters of diesel, press and hold fully accelerator pedal and try to start the engine. It should start within 10-20 sec. - More difficult way is - open fuel filter - fill the filter right up with fresh diesel. Try to start the engine. - Safe way - Call assistance and ask to remove air from fuel system ($$$) Be aware: Fuel pomp do not like to pomp air - $$$

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