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if your fuel pump isn't working, you'll know when you turn the key just to on without trying to start. it should hum for about 2 seconds. if not, check the voltage at the connector under the car where it goes into the gas tank. if you have voltage, your pump is gone. you might try cutting a hole in the floor above the gas tank with tin snips so you can change the pump without dropping the tank. be careful though. The computer cycles the pump for a few seconds until pressure is built up in the system. this happens when the key is turned to the on possition. the computer has two fuses usually a 15 amp and a 10 amp fuse. one of these fuses makes the relay hot at all times. the pressure return regulator and throttle control send signals to the pump telling it how much fuel is needed to operate the car. there is on most models a bypass wire located under the hood passenger side. the manufacture recomends you take a wire connect it to a ten amp fuse and directly power the pump. if you dont hear it run replace the pump.

I may be wrong but I own a 92 RS 305 there is a fuel pump relay under the hood next to the firewall on passanger side. Not sure for V6 tho.

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Q: Where is the fuel pump fuse on a 92 Camaro RS V6?
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But where is the fuse for the fuel pump located on a 92 camaro rs v6?


Why is your 92 t-bird not getting fuel to engine?

could be fuel pump, fuel filter or fuse for the fuel pump.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 92 camaro rs?

Usually fuel pumps are located in the gas tank.

Where is the fuse for a fuel pump located on a 92 GMC sierra?

It is located in the fuse panel.

Why 92 Acura Legend fuel pump is not working?

Blown fuse, defective fuel pump relay, or the pump itself is defective.

Where is the fuel pump reset switch on a 92 camaro?

Gm vehicles do not use ineria/reset switches.

Where is the relay switch for the fuel pump on a 92 camaro v6 rs?

The fuel pump relay is in the fuel pump itself, Therefore when your relay goes bad or you get a 5-4 trouble code you must replace the fuel pump.

Where is the fuel pump fuse on a 92 Camaro RS V6 Located?

if ur talkin about the relay for a fuel pump it should be in a small like black bock aprox. 2 inches long and 2 inches wide.. by your battery if your battery is in front of your passanger window doesnt even look like there is a fuse in there but there is...

Where is the fuel pump on a 92 firebird?

where is the fuel pump on a 92 firedird? is it an in tank one?

Can a fuel filter affect starting of 92 camaro?

Yes, a partially clogged filer can cause hard starting. So can a weak fuel pump.

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 92 dodge d150?

The 1992 Dodge 150 fuel pump relay switch can be found in the fuse box. The fuel pump relay switch will be in the third column, third from the top.

92 camaro will not pump fuel to carburetor?

probible causes bad fuel pump, bad fuel filter, blown fuse, bad wiring, plugged fuel line, bad fuel pressure regulator, plugged fuel pump suction screen. most likely its just a bad fuel pump. those fuel pumps for carbs and fuel injection systems are cheap and go bad easily. auto zone sells fuel pumps for carbs for $20 and fuel injection pumps are $45

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