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Where is the fuel pump located on a 1986 Ford Ranger?

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My 86 2.0L has it located on the driver's side of engine near the front. Just trace the the fuel line from the carb to the pump. If its fuel injection the pump is most likey in the tank or near it.

Fuel Pump Location

The FUEL PUMP is located in the fuel tank. The tank must be dropped and the pump unscrews out to the top. Be careful. There are fuel lines on top that must be disconnected. They have plastic tabs. They do not usually give replacements so watch breaking one. The FUEL FILTER is located on the frame of the vehicle.

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There is also a fuel pump on the frame of the truck so you have 2 pumps. It is located below the drivers side of the truck. It has a medal plate that protects it. There should be a 2 wire connector. Make sure you check for power before replacing pump.

The fuel pump for my 86 Ranger is definitely mounted on top of and inside the gas tank. I have found that it is easier to remove the bed than dropping the tank. The hex head bolts that hold down the bed might be a little hard to remove the first time. You'll need a good impact tool. After the bed is removed the connections to the pump will be in plain sight.

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