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Where is the fuel pump located on a 2001 silverado and is there anything else that would cause it to crank and go dead unless you keep the gas mashed?


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2005-11-28 00:50:45
2005-11-28 00:50:45

I THINK ITS IN THE TANK.CHECK THE INLINE FUEL FILTER.THERE MAY BE SOME FUEL PUMP RELAYS.CHECK AIR FILLTER.THESE ARE JUST THINGS I WOULD TRY It is in the tank. GM has had many, many, problems with fuel pumps. As they go bad they will cause hard starting, stalling, etc. Under the hood, behind the throttle, is a metal fuel line with a schraeder valve ( like a tire valve). If you depress it it should have a burst of fuel; chances are, your's will barely have any pressure.Do change your fuel filter also. I hope this helps you. Mark


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