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Where is the fuel pump module assembly located on a 2001 Pontiac Montana Minivan?

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2008-05-17 02:25:10

Just replaced the sending unit today and the fuelp pump is all

one unit in the gas tank. There are 3 straps to lower the tank pay

attention to the hoses and wires and raise the tank with a jack of

some kind. Undo the straps and lower the tank slowly. Unhook hoses

and wires and lower tank. Unscrew the ring holding pump in place

and remove the pump/sending unit from the tank. Then put everything

back together. If you are having a hard time getting wires off

check sometime there is a blue pin stopping the wires from coming

undone. Good Luck. Took me about an hour my problem was I had 7/8

tank of gas and it was really heavy. Try and do it with an empty


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