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Where is the fuel pump on a 1993 Chevy c1500 pickup?


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2005-09-11 20:27:50
2005-09-11 20:27:50

in the fuel tank the tank will have to be removed to replace the pump You may want to consider unbolting the bed for easier access. Just remove the six bolts and unhook the fuel tank filler neck from the bed. then you can lift the bed and slide it back a few feet. The fuel pump is right on top the tank.


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Probly under the drivers door on the inside of the frame.

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25.0 I looked it up in Kelly Blue Book I answered my own question

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It is inside of the fuel tank.

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It is inside the upper intake manifold. To get to it you must remove the throttle body, upper intake manifold, and several electrical lines and fuel lines.

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