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Where is the fuel pump on a 1997 Dodge Neon?


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2010-04-22 00:57:00
2010-04-22 00:57:00

it should be housed in the fuel tank.and replaced with a new strainer.remember,it should be,but i haven`t had to replace one yet.

Yes it is located in the fuel tank. It is inside the float housing unit attached to that unit sticking outside the fuel tank is the fuel filter. be careful how you unassemble and reassemble the pieces as they are very easy to break! also if the housing unit is replaced in the tank upside down than the pump will pump air (when turning right) when the fuel gauge is at half full or less mark. I know because my neon does.

whole unit fully assembled costs 3-5 times more that just the pump. It is hard to find just the pump though.


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Check to make sure that the pump is getting power to the Neon fuel pump. Check the pump relay, and the pump fuses.

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There never was a 1985 Neon. A 1995-2005 Neon has the fuel pump inside the fuel tank.

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No, you have to lower the fuel tank.No, you have to lower the fuel tank.

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