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It's clipped to the firewall below the glove box =========== The box that says 'jetronic' is the brain. VERY EXPENSIVE!

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Q: Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1984 240 wagon you looked on the passenger toe kick area and the only thing there is a 7x7 inch metal box that says jetronic?
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Where do you find inyector relay Volvo 240 1989?

Passenger to jetronic is a blak box....with six terminals petrudin when disconnected from piggy tail harness

Where is the radiator fan motor relay located on a 1990 Oldsmobile Silhouette?

behind the passenger side headlight, under the diagonal brace, you will see 3 black relays in a row attached to a black metal bracket. going from passenger to dirver, they are the fuel pump relay, the rad fan relay, and the AC relay.

Where is the starter relay on 1987 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

On the passenger front inner fender, near the 4 plasitic relays, it is a metal relay with the positive battery cable connected to it.

Where is the rear window defogger relay located on a 1990 Riviera you've looked in the relay centre under the hood and in the centre console relay boxes but can't find where the rear defog relay is?


Where is the headlight relay on a 1990 trooper?

On my 88 Trooper the relay is located on the passenger side wheel well. It is hidden under a metal bracket that is held by 10mm bolts. High and low beam relays are there.

Location fuel pump relay 1998 Mazda mpv?

Easy pull passenger side carpet ,., unscrew 4 nuts ,., remove metal shield ,., now you will see ,., the PCM ,., On the left ,., a green relay

Where is the relay switch for 1993 Oldsmobile 88?

Relay switches are in the relay center in the engine compartment. Open the hood and the relay center is at the back of the engine compartment on the passenger side. Turn the two plastic locking nuts 1/4 turn and remove the metal fly nut to remove.

Which one is which relay on the 97 Chevy s10 firewall?

The relay on the passenger side firewall is the ac compressor relay.

Where is the horn relay located on my 1990 ford f150 pickup?

I looked forever for that. It is on the passenger side under the side kick plate. Pull the cover off and you will find it there. Good Luck

Where is the horn relay on an 87 Fiero?

In the passenger cabin, under the dashboard on the passenger side.

Where is 1987 Toyota van starter relay?

The starter relay on a 1987 Toyota Van is on the passenger side of the engine compartment. It is part of a bank of relay switches screwed into the passenger side fender wall.

Which one is the relay engine cooling fan on a 2005 Nissan Sentra?

it the brown relay in the passenger side relay box

Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 77 280z?

It is under the black metal cover where the two Fusible Link wires are attached, at the strut, passenger side of car.

Where Is My Signal Relay For My 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix SE I have looked in the fuse boxes not there. I have looked under the driver and passenger side and behind the dash not there. Any clue?

it's under the dash on the driver side mounted on the side of the brake peddle.

Locate the fuel pump relay?

the fuel pump relay on a scenic is in the engine bay on the passenger side relay number one

Where is the fuel pump relay located on a 90 Supra?

The relay is located on the passanger side kickpanel on the floor. Just remove the panel and its behind there. ^^^ This answer is wrong... It is under the hood mounted on top of the passenger tire wheel well... it is a silver/metal box with "fuel pump relay" written on the side.

How do you locate your blower motor relay on your vigor?

You can locate your blower motor relay switch by looking at the diagram in a service manual. The blower motor relay switch should be below the dashboard on the passenger side of the passenger compartment.

Where is fuel pump relay and fuse on a 1992 jaguar xjs?

Rear trunk near the right side (passenger) wheel well on a metal frame piece. Not visible just looking as its behind a large black piece of metal.

Were is the ac relay 1987 Ford Ranger?

It is the black relay mounted to the passenger side fender wall, not to be confused with the green relay, which is the fuel pump, or the brown relay, which is the computer relay

Where is the fuel pump relay for a 2006 Ford Expedition?

In the relay box under the passenger side dash.

Where is the air suspension compressor relay located on a Lincoln navigator?

The front relay is on the passenger side kind of hidden but you'll find it on the upper front right side on the passenger side.

Where is the wiper relay on a 98 wrangler?

The wiper relay on a 98 Wrangler is located under the hood. It is in the relay/fuse housing on the passenger side of the car.

1991 geo storm horn relay location?

it si in the relay panel on the passenger side of the engin comp.

Which relay is the horn relay in the under-hood relay box on a 1991 Park Avenue?

On the 1996 model, there are two of them on the far passenger side of the underhood fuse /relay center.

Where is fuel pump relay on 1989 Chevrolet Celebrity?

The fuel pump relay is located on the radiator support bracket on the passenger side of the vehicle. It is the center relay.