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Where is the fuel pump relay on a 1993 Jaguar Sovereign?


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2011-04-05 18:53:09
2011-04-05 18:53:09

the fuel pump is in the gas tank. located on the top of the tank.

The relay in my 92 is under the hood, drivers side, right in front of the firewall, about 2 feet from the fender.


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The fuel pump relay for a 1993 xj6 Jaguar is located in the trunk on the right hand rear side, next to the rear light control module. It is a 4 prong black relay.

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The fuel relay switch for 1993 olds cutless ciera is in the dashboard.

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The fuel pump is in the fuel tank.

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the relay is located at the firewall behind the glove-box. the fuel pump relay has a yellow socket. good luck !

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