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Where is the fuel pump relay on a 91 Ford Probe GL?


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There is a reset switch inside the trunk on the left side. Look for the red button in the fender well area. This switch interupts the connection to ground. It is designed in case of a rollover. The relay itself is on the left side of the steering column under the dash. There are multiple relays in the cluster. According to the diagram in the Ford service manual it is the lower left one.


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In the fuse panel in the engine compartment Relay # 21 is the fuel pump relay on a 1996 Ford Probe ( Helpfull )

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If it is the same as the ( 1996 ) Ford Bronco : ( Relay # 2 is the fuel pump relay )

I had a hard time finding this relay also. I went to the Ford Dealer and looked it up in the service manual. The fuel pump relay is the one in fuse box by the battery; the relay is located top right(green nf02) listed on cover as circuit relay.

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The 1994 Ford Mustang fuel pump relay switch is located below the fuel injector pump. The relay switch should be labeled as such.

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No need to match it to any other pump. Just purchase a fuel pump for your Ford Probe and it will fit and work. You for sure do not want to install a used fuel pump. Way to much work to change it out.

Most are in the fuel tank or above the tanks.

it is located inside the fuel tank

It is Inside of the fuel tank.

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if you look under the hood in the main fuse panel. you will see a green relay marked circuit relay. that's the one you are looking for.

The fuel pump relay for your 1997 Ford Explorer - is the # 6 relay in the power distribution box in your engine compartment

The fuel pump relay on a 2001 Ford Ranger is located in the distribution box under the hood. It should be relay k.

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The fuel pump relay allows the pump to be turned on and off. In a 1994 Ford F350 4X4 5.8L, the fuel pump relay is located under the hood and inside the fuse box.

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Is your fuel pump working? Did you blow your Fuel Pump relay in the relay box? Did you put fuel in it? Is your fuel filter clogged? Check all those things and get back to me

In a 1998 Ford Contour : In the Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) located in the engine compartment ( Relay " R8 " is the fuel pump relay )

If you checked the relay off the car then I would recommend checking the wiring leading up to the relay. Mine rotted out because of the sub-standard wiring used and therefore, my fuel pump didn't work.

Swap the relay with a known good relay.

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