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the fuel pump relay is under the radio compartment behind the ash tray with the fuses

This is true of the 700/900 series, but if you have a 240, then it is below the glove box.

the fuel pump relay does a number of things which is why it must be changed in the UK the cost is £ 18 it is white or blue and it is found by going on goggle and typing in view of fuel pump relay on any car you have but in this case Volvo 940 and you will see the picture viewing fuse box and relays.

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Q: Where is the fuel pump relay on an 89 Volvo?
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Is 89 Camaro fuel pump relay wired same as 89 pickup fuel pump relay?

They are probably the same relay. Compare the relay part numbers.

Where is the fuel pump emergency relay in 89 cadi?

There is no emergency relay.

Why is there no power to fuel pump on my 89 full size bronco?

Could be a fuse, could be the fuel pump relay.

89 f250 wheres the fuel pump relay switch?

The fuel pump relay as well as the eec relay are both located under the hood on the drivers side fender.

Where is the fuel pump relay on 89 camaro?

The fuel pump relay is located on the firewall ,if your looking at it from the front of the car it will be the furthest relay to the right it will have five wires going into the connector.

How do you test the fuel pump relay on an 89 ford frobe?

casey,figure it out!!

Where is the fuel pump relay switch on a 89 Chevy 2500 silverado?

There is none.

Where is the fuel pump relay switch in a 89 beretta?

It is on the Firewall beside the Washer Pump, it is behind the Fuel Fuse and a Bolt that has constant power to it.

Why no gas to engine in 89 Chevy pickup replaced fuel filter?

Bad fuel pump, fuel pump relay, blown fuse, or loose connections.

What if the fuel pump on a 89 Chevy pickup is not coming on?

Check the fuse, check the relay, check the wiring especially at the fuel pump. If all that checks good, replace the pump.

Why dont my fuel pump shut off sometimes when I turn my car off it only happens sometimes is it an eletrical problem or faulty pump you put a new relay in already didnt do nething on my 89 Camar?

A short in the harness to fuel pump relay or fuel pump

Where is the fuel pump relay on a 89 mustang GT?

I have read that on an 87 GT its under the driver seat.

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