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According the Haynes Repair Manual for 1985 through 2002 Buicks, you do the following: 1. Remove the gas cap to ensure no pressure is built up in the tank. 2. Remove the fuse marked FP from the fuse box. It is located in the relay centre on the right hand side of the instrument panel. 3. Crank the engine over. It will start and run until the fuel supply remaining in the fuel line is used. When the engine stops, engage the starter again for another three seconds to assure that any remaining pressure is dissipated. 4. With the ignition turned to OFF, replace the fuel pump fuse. Disconnect the negative battery cable terminal to avoid any accidental fuel discharge if an attempt is made to start the engine. 5. You should now be able to change the fuel filter. 6. Reconnect the negative battery cable terminal.

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Q: Where is the fuel shutoff and how do you replace the fuel filter on a 1995 Buick Regal?
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