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Where is the fuel tank selector solenoid located on a 1988 Ford F150?


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2005-09-22 17:52:59
2005-09-22 17:52:59

On the driver side frame rail just in front of truck bed.


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Underneath Driver side Cab as it meets the bed and it looks like this

It is located in the engine compartment on the passengers side firewall. the solenoid is located under the hood

The cannister on my 2002 F150 is located just inboard of the spare tire. If you lower the spare tire it will be easier to access. The EVAP solenoid is also located on top of the cannister. Have fun and don't work to hard. Richard Petty.

Is it stuck in rear or front?? Same thing happen to my 89 f150......Front tank was shot...You need to have it looked at

Its located in a black box on firewall in engine compartment

where is the tps located on a 1994 f150

Find the positive battery terminal. Follow the thick cable from that terminal and it will lead to the starter solenoid.

how do you adjst clutch on 87ford f150

It is in the intake air horn from the air filter to the throttle plate.

starter is out, motor is locked up or your starter solenoid is out.

Trouble code P0755 means:Shift solenoid B malfunction

It is underneath the vehicle on the driver's side. It is a rectangular black box, with the solenoid toward the front of the vehicle.

The computer is under the dash on the drivers side near the emergency break pedal. It unplugs under the hood.

The shift solenoid on a 1998 F150 is on the fender well. It is mounted with bolts and requires a socket set to be removed.

The EGR valve on a 1979 F150 with a 302 is located in the center of the engine. It is close to the firewall.

To hookup the solenoid switch on F150 pick-up 5.0 after replacing it, first connect a voltmeter or test light to the solenoid's S terminal. Make sure the starter receives voltage at that terminal when the ignition switch is in the on position.

The tension on a 1988 Ford F150 can be loosened by adjusting the belt tensioner. The retaining bolt is loosened, the tensioner shifted slightly, and tightened down.

Follow the + battery cable should be either at the inner fender or at the top of the starter

Usually against the inner fender wall maybe behind the battery

The starter is located on the passenger side of the engine (underneath engine) above the exhaust pipes. Check the small plug on wire to the solenoid make sure it has a good connection.I have found that wire to be a problem 9 out of 10 times.

where is the crankshaft position sensor a bank 1 circuit malfunction on a 2003 f150 at

EVAP Purge Solenoid Stuck Open or Closed

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