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Where is the fuse box located on a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

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there is 2 fuse panels one under the hood the other on the right kick panel under the glovebox to the right

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Where is fuel pump located on 1997 Jeep Cherokee sport?

Inside the fuel tank.

Where is the AC condenser located on a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport 4.0L?

It is between the radiator and the grill.

Will 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee rims fit on a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport?


Will an 2001 leaf spring of a Jeep Cherokee sport fit a 97 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

Jeep Cherokee XJ 1984-1996 should interchange Jeep Cherokee XJ 1997-2001 should interchange

Where is the cam shaft sensor located on a 1997 jeep Cherokee sport?

The cam sensor is inside the distributor.

Where is the oil pressure sensor located on a 1997 jeep Cherokee sport?

it is right next to the oil filter

Where the relay is for the alarm on a 1997 grand Cherokee jeep and where the alrarm is located?

i need to disable jeep factory alarm 1997 cherokee

Does a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport have a timing belt?

No, timing chain.

What is the wheel bolt pattern for a 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport?


Can you put parts from a 1991 Jeep Cherokee Sport onto a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

most likely not, but it depends on the part. the body style of the Cherokees changed in 1997

Will 1997 jeep Cherokee sports parts interchange with a 1999 Cherokee sport?

Yes, the 1997 to 2001 Cherokees are nearly identical.

Is there a difference in the praformance between the Jeep Cherokee and the Jeep Cherokee sport?

no. the jeep cherokee and the jeep cherokee sport have the same ingane and the same brakes they are essentially identical.

Wiring for Jeep Cherokee with trailer brakes?

I have a 1997 JEEP CHEROKEE sport 4.0. How to wiring for a heavy duty trailer brake switch ?

Can you use a coil rail from 2000 jeep Cherokee sport on a 97 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

No. A 1997 does not use a coil rail.

Where is the horn located on a Jeep Cherokee sport?

In the middle of the steering wheel

Free 1997 Jeep Cherokee Sport owner's manual?

A person can request a free Jeep Cherokee Sport owners manual from any Jeep dealership. The dealership can usually print an owners manual for customers.

How many gallons of gas does a 1997 Jeep Cherokee sport hold?

20 Gallons

What type of engine oil is recommeded for 1997 jeep Cherokee sport 4.0l?


Jack location for 97 jeep grand Cherokee?

The jack is located under the rear seat on my 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Where is the EGR Valve located on a 1999 jeep Cherokee sport?

It doesn't have EGR

Where is the fuel pump for a 1992 Jeep Cherokee Sport located?

in the fuel tank

Where is the Mass Airflow sensor located on a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

there is not one

Where is a shift solenoid B located on an automatic transmission It's for a 98 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 Sport.?

The shift solenoid B is located on the engine section on the automatic transmission for the 98 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 Sport.

1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo where is the security alarm located?

How do you disarm the security lock on a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

What is the firing sequence for a 97 Jeep Cherokee sport?

In-line 6 firing order1 5 3 6 2 4 I need to know the wire order for a 1997 jeep Cherokee sport

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