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Where is the fuse box on 1987 ford country squire located?

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Beneath the steering wheel.

There is a PLASTIC fuse panel that has to be removed.

It will most likely have a couple of Phillips head screws holding it on from the bottom. Be careful removing it, as there are 3 or 4 plastic tabs near the top edge that go into rectangular holes to retain the top of the fuse panel cover to the dash. These are easy to break off on cars that have sun damage to their interior parts. There MAY also still be a molded fiberboard panel that goes from the first panel all the way to the firewall. THIS PANEL IS SOFT AND IS INTENDED TO PREVENT THE DRIVER'S SHOES FROM SCUFFING AND TROUSERS FROM SNAGGING ON THE WIRING AND OTHER UNDER DASH COMPONENTS. If THAT panel is still there, you may be lucky and have a vehicle that was reasonably looked after for a long time. The fuses used are the plastic headed, flat style, original size (now the larger type) 2 bladed ones.

2007-08-22 00:04:04
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Owner's manual. Driver's side under the dash.

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emissionswhere is the air charge temp located for a 1987 ford crown Victoria 5.ol

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where is the fuel pump relay located on a 1987 ford ltd crown Victoria

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