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i think it is under the dash

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โˆ™ 2006-02-27 19:21:27
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Q: Where is the fuse box on a 1984 4 door Cutlass Supreme?
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Where is the location of 1994 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme cigarette lighter fuse?

Open the passenger side door, and theres a fuse door there. On the back of the fuse door, it should tell you wich fuse is te lighter fuse. It's probably an accessory fuse.

Where is the radio fuse located on a 98 olds cutlass supreme?

On a 96, there is a fuse panel on the right side of the dash, against the right door.

Is there anyway to stop the door locks from locking when you shift out of park on my 94 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

Yes, Pull the fuse out of the fusebox

Where does a 1987 cutlass supreme have the dash fuse?

It's in the fusebox.

Does anyone have the diagram that's on the cover of the fuse box on a 79 cutlass supreme?

show me how to set the timing on a cutlass supreme olds

Where is the fuse for the washer pump in a 1992 Olds Cutlass Supreme?

The 1992 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme washer pump fuse can be found in the fuse box. The fuse box is located in the engine compartment. The location of the fuse will be listed on the inside cover of the fuse box.

Where is the fuse panel for power window on a 1994 olds cutlass supreme?

The fuse panel is underneath the glove box. Open the glove box door and lift out the inside tray.

Where is the Fuse box block panel from a 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 4 Door?

It is hidden in the dash on a the passengers side. To locate it u must open the front passengers door.

What fuse controls brake lights on 1996 cutlass supreme?

Mini-fuse #23 15amp located side instrument panel inside of passenger door . Actual name is- Stop Lamps.

What does DIS stand for on the fuse panel of a 93 cutlass supreme sl?


Where is turn signal fuse for a 1994 Cutlass Supreme?

remove the glove box insert. a fuse panel is located there

Where is radio fuse in 1986 cutlass supreme?

open the fuse box and there should b a diagram on the underside of the lid.

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