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The fuses are behind the small recess in the dashboard below and right of the steering wheel in right hand drive.

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Q: Where is the fuse box on a 1997 Fiat Punto?
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Where is the fuse box on a 2007 fiat punto?

In order to change fuses a person needs to know the location of the fuse box. The fuse box for a 2007 Fiat Punto is under the hood of the car.

Fuse box fiat punto 2006?

The fuse box on a 2006 Fiat Punto is located under the dash, near the hood release. A secondary fuse box is located in the engine compartment.

Where is the heater fan fuse in the fiat punto?

In a Fiat Punto, the heater fan fuse is actually located in the trim box. This is located right below the steering wheel.

Where is the heater fuse on your fiat grande punto 1.2 cc 08 reg?

The heater fuse on your fiat grande punto 1.2 cc 08 reg is located on the dashboard fuse box.

Fuse which controls power steering for fiat punto?

fuse for power steering on fiat punto if your looking for the fuse under the bonnet big black box on the right open up the box and you will see the big blue fuse in the middle of the top row .

Diagram of fuse box fiat punto active 02?

The fuse box diagram can be found on the inside cover of the fuse box. The fuse box is located in the engine compartment.

Where is the fusebox on a Fiat Punto?

The fuse box for the fiat punto is on the right hand side of the car just to the side of the steering wheel, there are two plastic Phillips screws undo these and hey presto.........................

Where is the powersteering motor on a 2001 Fiat punto?

If you undo the fuse box panel to the right of the steering wheel it is the cylindrical item to the left inside there

Where is the fuse box on a fiat punto 53?

There is on on the right side of the steering column behind the cubby hole. The second is behind the glove-box. Which can be accessed though the glove-box itself. Nick

Where is the horn fuse on fiat punto 2004?

It should be in the engine fuse box by the battery on the passenger side of the car (UK model). It is the 4th small fuse down, blue colour and marked 15 (Amperes).

Where is the fuse box on a Fiat Punto?

I note that you did not stipulate the year of the Punto subject of your question. On the model which came out in 1999, the fuse box is located right next to the battery, it is situated between the battery and the left front wing, the lid of the plastic fuse box is held in place by light spring loaded clips, release the clips, lift the plastic cover and there are the fused

Where is the fuse for central locking on a Fiat Doblo?

in the fuse box

Where is the fuse box on a fiat ducato 1994?

in glove box

Fan not working on Fiat ducato?

There's a relay and fuse in the fuse box in the engine compartment.

Fuse box on a fiat punto ELX cabriolet?

large fuses under bonnet near battery, the rest ( on rhd ) are behind panel/shelf to right of steering wheel.

Where is the fuse box on a s reg fiat punto?

Under a flap in ther roof of the glove box. Does anyone know which one's the one for the stereo?Yes the fuse is in the back of the stereo. just pull the stereo out and it should be in the back next to the wire ports

Where is the fuse box on a Fiat Grande Punto?

the fusebox is in the glove compartment on the left hand side behind a lil black metal plate... Thats where one is, theres always, the battery compartment fuses, the engine bay fuse box or the one inside the tailgate depending on what fuse you need.

Where window fuse grande punto?

it is in the engine fuse box. number 26 is the passenger window fuse

What is the Fuse box listing for a fiat scudo?

The fuse box listing for a Fiat Scudo is a comprehensive diagram of all fuses in the fuse panel and their function. This makes troubleshooting much easier and effective.

How many fuses in fuse box in fiat punto 1.2 8v 2001?

Two. One, left side under steering wheel, the other under the hoot, big black plastic box on the right side.

Can you find me a diagram of a fiat scudo fuse box?

Glow plug fuse

Location of diagnosis connector for Fiat punto?

On my 2001 1.2 its in the fuse box next to the steering wheel. you can open the two screws on the fusebox with a coin rather than round them off with a screw driver

Symbols on Fiat tipo fusebox?

There is only one symbol on the Fiat tipo fuse box. The symbol is the Fiat symbol, to be exact.

Where is the fuse box on a 1997 Jaguar XJ6?

location of fuse box

Were is the fuse for the seat belt warning sound on a fiat punto 07 plate?

The fuse electrical plug should be replaced along with the resistor module and the blower motor (the blower could be pulling too many amps).There is also another fuse box, you have to remove the glove box. It is a white rectangular resister about 3 inches long.