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Where is the fuse box on a 1999 Toyota Corolla?

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Answer There is one on the dash to the lower left of the steering-wheel behind the little box marked 'Storage Only'. Open the box and lift it up and out slightly to remove it with out breaking. There are 3 more locations under the hood.One is on the left just in front of the windshield washer fluid tank.The other 2 are on the right side of the car,next to the battery.One is right next to the battery and the other one is right behind it. Gary

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Toyota Corolla fuse box location 2006 radio fuse?

where is the fuse located for the 2006 Toyota corolla

Can you get a fuse box diagram for a 1990 Toyota Corolla?

A fuse box diagram is found under the fuse box. There is a sticker imprinted underneath the cover of the box a 1990 Toyota Corolla.

Fuse box diagram for 2003 Toyota Corolla?

I can't find my car manual for my 2003 Toyota Corolla S & need the fuse box diagram. thanks

Fuse box diagram for 2003 Toyota Corolla CE?

The fuse box diagram for a 2003 Toyota Corolla CE is located on the rear of the box cover. It can also be found within the service manual.

Where can you get a fuse box diagram for 1993 Toyota Corolla?

On the net

Where is the fuse for the dash board lights 1992 Toyota Corolla?

The 1992 Toyota Corolla dashboard light fuse can be found in the fuse box. The dashboard light fuse will be listed as the instrument panel fuse.

Where is Toyota Corolla 2005 headlight relay?

The headlight relay on a 2005 Toyota Corolla is located in the engine compartment fuse box. Prop the hood open the find the fuse box. The relay is plugged in the top slot of the fuse box.

Where is the location of 1996 Toyota Corolla ac fuse?

The location of the AC fuse on a 1996 Toyota Corolla is underneath the hood. The fuse will be in the drivers side fuse box and should be clearly marked.

What does WIP 20A stand for in a 1999 Toyota corolla fuse box?

Windshield wipers, 20A means 20 amp fuse. 20amp fuses are yellow in color

Where is the fuse for sunroof on 1998 Toyota corolla?

Under hood fuse box aka Power distribution box fuse#23 ..30amp

Where is the fuse box located on a 1999 Toyota Corolla?

You may have three of them. Look under the hood, under the dash, and behind your kick panels.

What is the fuse layout on a 1999 Toyota Corolla?

if you look under the hood on your 99 corolla there will be a small black box on the right side of the car beside the air filter, and that is the fuse box. it has a pictogram of which fuse does what on it, but if that's not helpful enough then simply look in your owners manual and it should tell you.

Where is the fuse box located on a 1997 Toyota corolla?

Behind the glove compartment

Where is the main relay corolla Toyota 93?

is under the hood were the fuse box is.

Where is fuse for windshield wiper on 2001 Toyota corolla?

Fuse #11 in drivers side kick panel fuse box

Is there a fuse that controls the fuel pump on a 1997 corolla?

The 1997 Toyota fuel pump fuse is located in the fuse box. The fuse box can be found in the engine compartment.

Where is the fuse box in a 2006 Toyota Corolla?

The fuse box of a 2006 Toyota Corolla is located in the right side of the engine compartment. There is also a fuse box located under the dash board driver's side which fuses for tail light, stop light, wipers, and cigarette lighter are attached into it.

Which fuse is the headlights fuse on a 1991 Toyota Corolla?

In the corolla seca, it is the one in the fuse box located in the engine. There are two, located near the fan. (I just had to change mine)

Where is the Fuse box on a 2006 Toyota Corolla?

beneath the dash board in the glove compartment

2006 Toyota Corolla fuse box?

in the engine compartment .. i.e under the bonnet..

Where is the fuse box for the cigarette lighter in the 2009 Toyota corolla?

have replaced fuse for lighter and still doesn't work

Where is the radio fuse on a 1999 Toyota Avalon?

The 1999 Toyota Avalon radio has two fuses. There is an in-line fuse behind the radio. There is a radio fuse in the fuse box.

Which fuse controls the cigarette lighter in a 1990 Toyota corolla?

It is the blue 15-amp fuse at the front (nearest the driver) of the fuse box.

Is there an air-condition fuse for 2006 Toyota Corolla?

The fuse box in a Toyota Corolla is located to the left of the steering wheel behind the coin tray. Pull up and out on the coin tray to remove it and replace it if blown.

Where is the radiator fan relay on a 1990 Toyota corolla?

fuse box in engine compartament on drivers side.