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Where is the fuse box on a Cadillac allante?

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There are several fuse boxes on the Cadillac Allante. I know that, in particular, the 1993 Allante has a fuse box in the trunk, right next to the battery, underneath the ashtray assembly, and then one more in the engine compartment. For the one in the trunk-- lift the trunk. Facing the rear of the car, looking at the back window, move over to the right rear wall of the trunk and flip up the panel there. It is a carpeted panel that is not obvious. Shake that panel a bit and you will see that you can flip it up. I believe it has some Velcro tabs that keep it down. There is a fuse box sitting there inside the shell of the body once you open that flap. You won't miss it. For the one by the battery, which is located within a shelf behind the passenger seat---slide the carpeted shelfing facade towards the passenger's seat. There will be one electrical connection that goes to the speaker that is connected to that panel, so be careful not to pull it out too fast or hard. The panel is a little hard to slide, so patiently jiggle on it. I recommend you put a few fingers behind the back/end of the panel and push it towards your body. Once you remove that panel, you will see the fuse panel right next to the battery. For the fuse panel underneath the ashtray---carefull pry up on that assembly, which is by the gear shift. It is shaped like a box that just sits simply in that slot. Pull up and put to the side that ashtray assembly and look down. You will see a fuse panel just like the one in the trunk. The fuses in it and in the trunk are the very small type that are 10's, 20's, and 30's. For the fuse panel in the engine compartment, a fuse panel that looks similar to the one by the battery, go to the front of the car, open the hood, and look to the left and down. You will see a black box about 6" by 6". A flimsy cover covers this panel. Carefully pry up the taps that keep this cover down, and pull out the cover. There you will find larger fuses.

Those are the locations of the 4 fuse boxes on the 1993 Cadillac Allante. Good luck, and don't forget to consult the owner's manual to find out for which electrical function each single fuse serves. Again, care is important. The Allante, over all, is a fragile car--very fine but not tough, so don't pull or pry on things too hard. Feel free to consult me with any other questions about the Allante by writing me at I also highly recommend the services rendered by one Mr. Dick Hussey at AllanteSource. If I can't help you, I know he and Ron at that shop can! Good luck!

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