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Where is the fuse box under the instrument panel of 1997 Park Avenue is it on the driver or passenger side?

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2010-04-10 19:55:20

This can be found in your owner's manual. Don't have one, get

one. Dealer or salvage yard is a source.

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I is under the dirver side, you will need to remove the black cover

by removing 3 scrows out then you will be able to see it.

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It is under the glove box on the far right side. Remove two screws

to drop the cover under the glove box. Look up under the glove box

on the far right side to locate the fuse box cover that has a

diagram of the fuses on it.

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It is under the passenger side of the dash behind the glove box.

You you will need to take two screws out and the panel will drop

down. The fuse box will be behind this panel toword the center of

the car. This is also were the fan motor is located.

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Dont forget there is one under the backseat as well!

There is also the main fuse box under the hood with a smaller

one next to it on the passengers side.

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