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Under the left side of the dash

Parking lamps fuse is under the hood at the fuse box located by battery, but the brake lamps are located at the side of the dashboard on the passenger side, you will see an oval shape cut out when you open the passenger door, pull/pop that panel off with a flat screwdriver, the label for fuses will be on the inside of that panel. If your small brake light in the rear window is working, and the tail lens lights aren't, this is a sign of a bad combination switch which is what you move to select turn signals or activate "brights."

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 10:48:41
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Q: Where is the fuse box with the brake light fuse located on a '96 Buick Regal?
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How do you remove the brake light switch on 88 buick regal?


Where is the brake light switch on a 1989 Regal?

I believe most brake light switches are located under the dash above the brake pedal.

Where is the hazard light flasher located at on a 1986 Buick regal?

I have a 1992 regal and it is located under the glove-box behind a piece of black plastic.

Where is the brake light switch on a 2001 Buick Century?

The 2001 Buick Century brake light switch is located beneath the dashboard, on the drivers side. The brake light switch should be labeled as such.

Security light in 1999 Buick regal?

Why is my security light on and will not let my key come out of the ignition. 1999 buick regal

How do you change a rear license plate light bulb on a 1999 Buick Regal?

how do you change the rear license plate light on a 1999 Buick Regal

Why would the parking brake light be on even though the parking brake is not on for a 2000 buick regal?

Check your Brake fluid. If the fluid is low then will make the Brake light go on. anothe thing is you might be needing new brakes soon..

Anit-lock light on dashborad for 2000 buick regal LS?

There is a problem with the Anti-Lock brake system. Seek professional help.

Where is the brake light fuse in the fuse panel for 1985 regal?

the brake light fuse is located where the brake pedal is at... just take the cover that it has above the brake pedal and you're gonna see fuses on your left....

How do you replace the bulb in the center brake light of a 1994 Buick regal?

Should be a screw on either side - remove and cover should lift off

How do you reset the check engine light on a buick regal?

The check engine light on a Buick Regal can be reset with a special diagnostic scanner. This can be performed at a car dealership or service garage.

Why would your brake lights not come on when you press on the brake pedal on a 95 Buick Regal?

Most likely it is either the brake light switch, under the dashboard, connected to the brake pedal or the turn signal switch inside the steering column.

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