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Under the hood , in the main fuse box. It should be a relay in the main fuse box , that is located under the hood.

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Q: Where is the fuse for heater blower located on a 1999 gmc jimmy?
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Where is the heater blower motor in a 1999 subaru impreza?

The heater blower motor on a 1999 Subaru Impreza is in the engine compartment on the passenger side of the vehicle. It is located on the firewall.

Where is the heater rheostat located in a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan?

It should be in the heater blower motor case which is located under the glovebox.

Where is the heater blower relay on a1999 Chevy Tahoe located?

The Heater/Blower Relay is on the blower motor housing under the dash in the passenger compartment on 1999-2002 models

1999 Mercury Cougar where is heater blower resistor located?

the heater blower resistor is located on the passenger side footwell near the firewall. a complete how-to replace the resistor, along with photos is available on

1999 mercury villiger no heater blower?

Most likely a bad heater core

Does a 1999 Chevy silverado pickup have reistors for the heater speeds control?

Yes, located in the blower motor resistor pack. Follow the wires backward from the blower motor to find it.

Why does the blower fan on a 1999 Dodge Ram Van only work on high?

Most likely the blower resistor has failed. It is located under the hood in the side of the heater box.

Where is the resistor pack on a 1999 Chevy Metro?

If you are referring to the blower motor resistor, it is located behind the glove box and in the heater case.

What regulates the heater blower motor speed in an Isuzu Trooper 1999 and knowing where the blower the blower relay the switch and the blower fuse are located where are any other components?

there is a resistor that controls the speed and should be near the blower motor its called blower motor resistor

Where is the rear heater blower located on your 1999 VW Eurovan?

It's located under the van, just below the rear facing passenger seat by the door.

Where is the blower motor for a 1999 olds 88 located?

The blower motor for this vehicle is located on the heater plenum approximately in the center of the firewall. It is located near the top of the engine compartment. The motor is covered by a plastic cowl that is secured by six bolts.

Where the ac blower is located on a 1999 BMW 528i?

I would like to know, where the ac blower is located on a 1999 BMW 528i

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