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Where is the fuse for panel lights on a 1990 Plymouth Acclaim?


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2006-08-21 05:36:12
2006-08-21 05:36:12

Fuse panel cavity #8. Fuse is 5 amp and tan in colour. The circuits are as follows; fuel,voltage, oil and temp gauges. Chimes, warning lamp module, seat belt warning lights and mechanical cluster circuit board.


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Panel lights on all vehicles are tied into the tail light wiring of the vehicle. That way if your panel lights go out you know that both tail lights are out. Check the bulbs of your cars tail lights and see if they are burned out.

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Email me I will give you what you need to know. Lynn

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Points, no. Distributor cap and rotor, yes.

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On my 1990 it is the middle relay on the left fender between the battery and the shock tower.

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