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Where is the fuse for radio and interior lights on your 1988 Chevy Celebrity?


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The fuse for the radio is in the fuse block, and is marked radio. The fuse block is on the bottom of the dash to the right of the steering column.

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If a 1987 Chevy Suburban has lights and horn, but no ignition, gauges, radio, or interior lights it could be a ground wire problem. It is possible that there is a short somewhere. Also check the dome light for a possible water leak in the headliner.

It's a wild, shot in the dark, but I'd guess the one marked 'RADIO'. However........the fuse for the courtesy lights can also kill a radio. At least it does on my '88 Celebrity Wagon.

Radio memory, interior lights, memory seat functions,Radio memory, interior lights, memory seat functions,

Check your fuses - they are operated separately

It powers items such as radio memory and interior lights.

There may be an issue with the relay switch going to the radio lights. There may also be an issue with the fuse.

If you turn up your interior dashboard light settings, then the radio display will be brighter too. The radio dims to the setting for the dashboard when the lights are turned on.

the brown and grey wires come from the dash and were hooked up to the old radio does anyone know what i can do with them so my dash lights will turn on again

where is the fuse located at for the radio cigarette lighter and interer lights for an 1989 Chevy celebrity. Look up the fuse chart in the owners manual, and each slot is numbered. I think it's number 12 or 15, and a metal fuse, rather than a colourful plastic one, since the load on the circuit is larger. That's the way it is on an '86 Eurosport.

The fuse is blow, That one fuse powers the radio, cab lights and the mirror Check the fuse in Position #12, you will need a small flat head screwdriver to pop open the black fuse "cap". This fuse controls the "Memory" wire (yellow) to the radio, as well as the interior lights...

It powers interior items such as dome lights and radio memory.

A radio fuse might keep blowing if the radio itself needs an inline fuse in a 1997 Crown Victoria. It is possible that the radio and interior lights are not grounded properly. Installing an inline fuse between the radio and the fuse box may solve the problem of the fuse blowing.

Try pressing the "override button" to the left of the steering wheel, you may have hit it by accident. This will turn the radio off when the key is turned off and the interior lights won't come on.

On a Dodge product the IOD fuse is for interior lights, radio memory,...........

dash lights radio info center lights do not work all the time. change the fuse but that did not solved the problem

I had the same problem in my 1988 celebrity. All I had to do was look at all the fuses under the steering wheel and replace the burned out fuse that controled the radio. I've discovered that the radio is not only controlled by its own fuse, it also gets power via the courtesy lights fuse. Either one can kill a radio. If the radio is aftermarket, check its own inline fuse if it came with one. Don't forget the ground(s). Some require both the black (negative) wire, AND the chassis to complete its ground.

It is usually wired in with the radio or the courtesy/dome lights.

The IOD fuse feeds the interior lights, radio, and other interior items.

I actually own a 1984 Chevy celebrity and it took me 8 hours to take the dash apart, install the radio and put it back together again. Then, my radio stopped working after 2 weeks. If you want to take on this task, you will need to start by removing the screws from inside of the glove box. My advice: just don't. If you are half as stubborn as me, you will not listen, but you have been warned.

I just did this to my radio. You must remove the radio for the dash. Open the radio to reveal the circuit board and solder new bulbs on the board. I found the bulbs at Radio shack online.

A pinched or crossed wire for a 91 Chevy crew cab plow could cause the lights and radio to not work. They could also be separate problems. Start but checking the marker lights fuse, then recheck all of the snowplow wiring.

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