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Most usually they are located either IN the glovebox OR Under them! I have found some answers to some of my questions under or you could call a local Dodge dealer to make sure you find it! Most mechanics can tell you for no fee if you call one. My husband used to drive one way back in 1996 and the place he works for had 2 that were that old. He told me the fusebox is either Under the glovebox housing or IN the glovebox if NOT look near the brake area! Sometimes there is a fusebox there as well! I know over the years they have changed the locations of them so many times it's confusing but I hope I have helped you!

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Roxanne Sock (My dad was a Certified Mechanic for over 21 years)

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Q: Where is the fuse for the heater and fan motor on a 1985 Dodge Ram pickup?
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