Where is the fuse for the instrument cluster located for infiniti j30?

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next to the parking brake pedal on the driver side
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How do you replace the instrument cluster in an Infinity I30?

Answer . Remove 5 screws under steering column\nCrack open and remove steering column covers.\nLower Steering wheel\nRemove two screws on top of instrument shroud\nPop out bottom of shroud which has retaining clips\nRemove two connectors on left side of shroud by squeezing locking tabs\nUnscrew ( Full Answer )

How to replace instrument cluster light bulbs in a 1994 Jetta. Blown fuse is not the problem?

pop off the plastic covers around the headlight switch, unscrew the Phillips head screw, also pop off the plastic on the left of the stereo and unscrew the screw/screws. Unscrew the plastic cover directly behind the steering wheel from the bottom. the plastic piece that is in front of the clusters s ( Full Answer )

Where is the bulb for the instrument cluster located on a 2002 Town and Country?

Answer I had the problem with the dash lights not working after a very dead battery jump, too! All I did was to disconnect the negative cable from the battery and waited a few minuets ( at least 5 ) for every thing to reset . Every thing works like its suppose to now . Hope this helps. Teak Answe ( Full Answer )

Where is the timing belt located on the infinity J30?

I did this. It was not fun. The entire front of the engine has to come off. Radiator has to come out. You might want to do the water pump while you are in ther. You don't want to do this twice.

Where is the starter located on a infinity J30?

Hello :. You have the starter under the motor. next to the transmission, you will see it if you. lift your car,with the help of ramps or jack.. good luck !!!

Where is the oil filter on a infinity j30?

if your going to do your own oil change dont it cost the same and takes the same amount of time, just get it done at jiffy lube its $26.00

Where is the transmission fluid on the j30 Infiniti?

\nMost of the transmission fluid is in the transmission and torque converter. The rest of it in enroute to and from the radiator. You can check the level with the dipstick located on the passenger side of the engine block toward the rear. Happy hunting.\nSteven

Where is the Location of 1994 infiniti j30 signal light relay?

Behind the instrument cluster on the steering column.Not visible from below you have to rtemove the cluster entirely to even get to it.It is small and a black box.And no parts store stock it Order only item.Hope this helped.

Where are the spark plugs located on a 1997 Infiniti J30?

Underneath the coil atop each cylinder between the intake manifold ports. Unbolt the coil bracket assembly from the intake manifold by removing the two bolts (I think it's 12 or 14mm) and the spark plug will be in view. Use 5/8th inch Plug socket and replace only with OEM plugs. NGK brand PFR5G-11 P ( Full Answer )

Where is the radio fuse located on a 1994 infiniti g20?

I have a 1991 G20, and the radio suddenly quit working; the FSM specifically indicates a FUSE at the back of the radio head unit. but even at VERY close scrutiny i.e. disassembling the radio, no fuse could be located.

Where is the thermostat located at on a 1994 Infinity J30?

It's hard to reach. You need a 12mm socket and a metric Allen wrench set that's somewhat long. I just replaced mine. It was difficult. Remove the fan. Remove the air inductions. I took off the alternator belt too. Some of those bolts were practically seized in there. Using anti-seize paste is recomm ( Full Answer )

Replacing alternator on j30 infinity?

\nThis one is fun (yes, I'm being sarchastic). The easiest way is to remove the splash panel from the bottom and work from underneath. Otherwise, you have to pull the air induction system, battery, fan blades, and fan shroud. Remove the belts, beginning with the power steering unit. My J30t was a ( Full Answer )

What is a transmission computer infiniti j30?

The transmission computer is an important part of all automaticvehicles. It controls the gear changes without the driver having tomanually do it themselves.

Where is location for cabin fuse panel on 98 infiniti q45?

The fuse box in most cars and INCLUDING my 98 infiniti q45 is located by the feet of the driver. For the Q45 it is to the left of the parking brake. Look and you will see only one hatch covering the fuse box. It is also shown in your Manual.

Infiniti j30 ground?

If your talking about the main ground wire from the battery, its located on the metal wall right to the left of the negative terminal. Just follow the wire that comes off the negative terminal back six inches to a foot and you can see where the ground wire splits off and bolts to the metal.

Instrument cluster fuse for a 2000 Chevy silverado?

The fuse that controls your Instrument cluster on a 2000 silverado is going to be linked with your radio fuse. Look in the fuse box under the hood, (upper right hand side, driver side) and look for a fuse labeled radio. It should be a 10 amp. If it is good, then cluster and radio fuse is good.

Fuse box on a infinity j30?

\nthe fuse box is on the drivers side under the steering wheel all the way in the back left, there are many fuses so be prepared! and also under the hood on the passsenger side is another oen

Where are all the fuses located for an infiniti i30 96?

Underneath the steering closer to the driver side there are some fuses and in the motor they are also some More the Fuse cover will have the maps and type and uses and voltage u shouldn't have any problem locating the problem fuse if u have any

Where is the knock sensor on a infinity j30?

The knock Sensor on a J30 ( I have a 1995 ) is at the rear of the engine in the center , under the intake manifold. Find your EGR valve then it is just below that and towards the center of the engine . It is about 3" to 4" under the manifold. YOu can see it with a mirror and a bright light. I am not ( Full Answer )

What might be causing instrument cluster fuses to keep blowing in a 2005 cobalt?

"Blowing" Fuses . Fuses and Circuit Breakers are safety devices designed and installed in electrical circuits TO PROTECT the conductors [wires] from short circuits and overload conditions which can cause extreme overheating which can result in damage to the conductors, and worse, the possibili ( Full Answer )

Infiniti J30 power steering location?

\nthe reservoir is on the passenger side of the car. It's a black cylinder with a cap (J30) or a cap and wire (J30t).

How do I replace the headlight on an infinity J30?

\nTwist the bulb housing counter clockwise until you can pull it out. Remove the bulb. Take the replacement bulb out of it's packaging WITHOUT TOUCHING IT WITH YOUR FINGERS. Oils from your fingers will damage the unit. Replace by inserting the bulb and housing and twist clockwise.

Driving in the snow in an infiniti j30?

Buy the best snow tires you can afford for all four wheels and add some additional weight to the trunk. Without snow tires, this can be a very dangerous car to drive in snow and ice due to it having plenty of power, light in the rear and RWD.

Where is infiniti j30 ECU?

It is mounted next to the driver side rear speaker. if you pull your forward trunk panel off you see it.