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It depends on what fuse that you want to look for. For a common things, the fuse box is under the dash panel of the driver side. Dan

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โˆ™ 2006-06-21 21:17:31
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Q: Where is the fuse panel on a 94 Lexus ES 300?
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There was no 359 in 94. The fuse panel on a 94 379 is under dash on firewall behind the clutch

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hi im trying to find the timing order on a 94 lexus es 300

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I believe that is in the fuse panel

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there should be one under the hood and under the kick panel, or remove the trimming that curves down to the floor next to your foot on the driver side

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Good morning: Lexus dealership want to charge $2300 to repair flickering instrument panel on 94 Lexus 450 LS. I think well I can't really tell you what I think but it must be repaired. Can someone please tell me what our my options. Thank you.

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Yes, Fuse panel under the dash, drivers side fuse #14 I think

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