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Where is the fuse to disable the sun roof for a 98 Saturn SC2?

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the fuse is located under the hood, next to the battery. you will need to turn the knob to get the cover off. the fuse will be labled fuse 1, its a large Green 30amp fuse. this fuse controls the following : Power windows

Power sunroof

Rear wiper (wagon)

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Will a 1995 Saturn Sun roof fit in a 2002 Saturn SC2?

blah blah yes

Where is the fuse box in the 2002 Saturn sc2?

There is a fuse box on the passenger side insdie the car, on the side of the console. There is also one inside the hood towards the windshield.

Dexron 6 transmission fluid do you use in a Saturn 2001 sc2?

dexron6 are type transmission oil for Saturn 2001 serial sc2

Will seats from a 98 Saturn sc2 fit in a 94 Saturn sc2?

Yes. All Seats from Saturn S-series cars are compatible from 91-02, except for the back seats. For example: You cannot use an SC1 back seat in an SC2.

What are some characteristics of the Saturn SC2?

The Saturn SC2 automobile was a part of the Saturn S series automobiles that was around from 1990 up until 2002. The SC2 looked similar to a Nissan 240 SX and the model was manufactured around 1994-1995.

Where is fuse box on 1997 Saturn SC2?

One is under the hood in front left side. secod set is on passeger side of the console

How many miles can you put on a 2001 Saturn SC2?

i have a 1997 Saturn sc2 410xxx miles my friend is at 560xxx on his sl1 if you treat a Saturn well it will last a lifetime if you don't you will cry

Where can you get a brake line diagram for a 93 Saturn SC2?

Saturn repail manual

Does the 1996 Saturn SL2 fender fit the 1996 Saturn SC2?


Where is the starter relay on a 93 Saturn SC2?

A 93 Saturn does not have a stater relay.

Does a Saturn 1.9 liter engine in a 2002 SC2 have a timing belt?

no.... The Saturn Sc2 (in all years of production) has a timing chain......much better in my opinion.

Where to find a turbo charger for a Saturn SC2?

Where is the transmission dipstick for a Saturn sl2?

1997 Saturn sc2 loction of transmission dipstick

Is there a fuel safety switch for 1997 Saturn SC2?

No, there is no inertia switch on any Saturn.

Which years transmissions are compatible with a 1994 Saturn sc2 - 1995 Saturn sc2?

1993-2000 ide go with 1994-1999 somewhere in there would work nicest

Where is the starter relay switch on a 96 Saturn SC2?

96 Saturn doesn't have a starter relay

What is the freon capacity of a 98 sc2 Saturn?

Saturn sc takes 1.5 pounds of R134a

Where is the fuse for the radio in a 1994 Saturn SC2?

look at the center console and it should b on the bottom right side with a trianglular like panel. it should b behind that

How do I change brake pad on a 2001 Saturn sc2?


Where is the oil filter located on a 94 Saturn SC2?

On the motor!!

What is the top speed of a 1993 Saturn SC2?

120mph stock

What size wheels are on a stock 1998 Saturn sc2?


How many tons Saturn sc2?

2024 pounds approx

What is fuel mileage for a 1998 Saturn SC2 with no overdrive?

If it is anything like my 96 SC2 i get about 35-40 highway mpg.

Where can you find a detailed fuse panel diagram for a 1993 Saturn SC2 besides the one behind the removable panel?

I have a 92 SC and there's a detailed fuse list in the owners manual. If you don't have 1 there are lots on ebay.

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