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The fusible links are all on the large terminal on the starter - The one the battery cable hooks to.

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Q: Where is the fusible link in a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird 4-cylinder?
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Wiring order for a 1991 Pontiac SunBird ignition module?

what is the color order of the wires to a Pontiac Sunbird ignition module

Does a 1991 Pontiac sunbird have a timing belt?


What type of oil for a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird?


Where is the PCV valve located on a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird V6?

on the valve cover

Where is the fuse box on a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird?

Under the Dashboard on the Drivers Side.

How do you open a locked car door on a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird LE?

Using a key

Where is the voltage regulator located on a 1991 Pontiac sunbird?

8Where is voltage regulator located

What is the firing order for a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird 4 cylinder?

1 3 4 2

What is the firing order for a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird?

for a 4 cylinder it is 1-3-4-2

How do you turn off the engine light on a 1991 Pontiac sunbird Le?

u will need a odb1 scanner,

Where is the thermostat on a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird LE?

The thermostat is in the radiator. Open the radiator lid and pull the thermostat out.

Where is the horn relay on a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird?

right next to the emergency flasher It is a white three prong connector

What size speakers are in a 1991 Pontiac sunbird?

crutchfield is a great source for this type of info. They are an electronics store. Google it

What would cause a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird to not hold a charge?

Possible the battery is just too old, or it is damaged.

Starter location on 1991 pontiac sunbird?

Follow the positive battery cable from the battery, it will lead you right to the starter.

How much coolant does a 1991 Pontiac 2.0 Sunbird require?

1 gallon of full streangth should be plenty, butch

Where can you find a wiring diagram for how to rewire the windows switch on a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird GT?

chiltons manual has wiring diagrams for that

Hazard lights blink but your signal lights don't for a 1991 Pontiac sunbird?

you need to change the flasher can for the signal lights

Where is the oil filter located on a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird LE?

Pull off the right front tire (passenger side) and you will see it.

Where is the turn signal blinker in a 1991 Pontiac sunbird?

Look on or around the fuse panel under the dash on the drivers side! It is round!

What kind of headlight bulb does a 1991 Pontiac Sunbird require?

I am curious as to why you didn't call up a parts store in your area and ask them?

What would make a 1991 Pontiac sunbird overheat the water pump was changed and the cooling fan is working?

Stuck thermostat, clogged radiator.

Where is the fuel filter located in your 1991 Pontiac Sunbird?

go under the car and it is right there on the fule line comming off of the gas tank

Your 1991 Pontiac sunbird LE does not have low beam and speedometer odometer thermometer and back-window-defrost all don't work What is wrong?

its a fuse

How do you set the radio on a 1991 Pontiac sunbird?

If you are just trying to set the stations in, go to the station you want programmed. Then press and hold the number you want it preset to.