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Where is the gas filter on a 1996 Ford Aspire?


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2009-07-04 00:26:51
2009-07-04 00:26:51

Fuel filter is located in the engine compartment, driver's side between battery and firewall. Follow the fuel lines.


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The 1996 Ford Aspire has a 10 U.S. gallon ( 38 liter ) gas tank

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The 1996 Chevrolet blazer gas filter is in the fuel tank. Drain the fuel from the tank. Remove the gas filter retaining bolts. The gas filter will come out.

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A common cause for a gas gauge to stop working in a 1994 Ford Aspire is a defective fuel gauge. Lose wiring in the dash is another cause.

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Underneath the Explorer , below the drivers door , mounted in the frame rail

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where is the fuel filter located on a 2003 ford explorer

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