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The relay is in the directional stick. You need to take the cover off the steering column (easy) and thankfully this part is bolted right on and simple to remove. I had to do this to fix a blinking headlight problem. If this is your issue you need to replace the directional stick as the control is a part of the directional module. I did this to my 88 5.0 GT. While you have this apart it is also wise to tigthen the column if you have a loose feel to the steering wheel.

There isn't a relay for the headlamps. The reason that your headlamps are blinking is most likely due to the circuit breaker in the headlamp switch or the wiring is melting at the headlamp switch and multifunction switch.The problem is more prone to happen when using the foglamps or using the non Ford approved bulbs!

The relay is located close to the headlights usually under a battery box , with the engine off and headlights on have a partner flip the headlights on and off and listen for a click, 5hat is tue easiest way to find it

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Q: Where is the headlight relay in a 1988 Ford Mustang?
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