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The headquarters of AIS auto insurance are located in Pasadena, California. They specialize in getting low auto insurance rates in the state of California.

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What does AIS Insurance stand for?

AIS from the name of the auto insurance company stands for Auto Insurance Specialists. AIS is an acronym that stands for Associate in Insurance and is completely separate from AIS insurance company.

What is AIS Insurance and what service do they provide?

AIS stands for Auto Insurance Specialists. AIS is a service available to residents of California that provides insurance rate quotes from multiple companies to allow consumers to make the best and most cost effective choice for auto insurance.

Where is AIS auto insurance located at?

They are a California based insurance company. Yelp.com has reviews. They seem to be a top company to be insured with. All of the reviews I saw were top notch!

Where could on find information about the locations of AIS Auto Insurance Specialists?

One could find information about the locations of AIS (Auto Insurance Specialists) when one goes to the official website of AIS. They have offices in different states of the US. For example, their Long Beach Office is at 5000 East Spring Street, Suite 100, Long Beach CA.

Who offers affordable automobile insurance?

There are many companies offering affordable automobile insurance today, such as Geico, Infinity Auto or AIS Automobile Insurance. One can get a personal insurance plan that goes along with the budget.

How much is AIS insurance compared to other leading insurance companies?

Really it is all going to depend on what type of insurance you are needing. Auto, home, or life. They have reasonable prices, and compared to other insurance companies you save 40%.

In what counties does AIS Insurance have physical offices?

"AIS Insurance is a California based insurance company with several physical offices available for access. Their offices are located in these counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Fresno, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Clara, and Ventura."

What are some companies that offer car insurance in California?

Most major insurance companies (Progressive, Geico, All State, etc.) provide insurance in every state, including California. However, there are some firms that are more local, such as AIS and California Auto Insurance.

Where can one get cheap motor insurance online?

If one is interested in comparing auto insurance rates online, a good place would be Money Supermarket. Alternatively, if one wishes to contact a few lower prices insurance companies directly, try AIS Insurance or Progressive.

How much does AIS car insurance cost?

How much AIS car insurance costs, depends on the individual. The age and gender of the driver, one's driving record, and how often one uses one's car all affect the cost of one's premiums.

Where is the AIS in Canberra located?

in Bruce about ten minutes from civic the city center you drive along barry drive leaving the city turn right at haydon drive and then your at the ais.

Where can you get a car insurance quote in California?

The State Farm website is probably the best website to check if your looking for car insurance quotes in California. Independant insurers such as AIS Insurance, Progressive, and Liberty Mutual also offer car insurance quotes.

Who are some of the top car insurance specialists in Canada?

Some of the car insurance companies in Canada which seem to be highly thought of include AIG and AIS. Another well thought of car insurance company in Canada is AAA.

Where can someone search for cheap car insurance in New York City?

Finding new car insurance is never a fun process. There best way to get the lowest price is to have a good driving record, let the perspective insurance company know one is seeking the lowest rate and be sure to ask for discounts. In addition to calling the national companies such as Geico, Automobile Club, State Farm and Allstate, one can contact an insurance consolidator like AIS, Auto Insurance Finders, New York Car Insurance and World Climate.

When was AIS Airlines created?

AIS Airlines was created in 2009.

How much will it cost to add a new Honda to the family's insurance policy?

You need to call around and get some quotes. If you have been on your parents insurance for a while, let them know that. If you have a good driving record, it shouldn't be that high. I would try AIS insurance or GEICO.

When was AIS Canberra Darters created?

AIS Canberra Darters was created in 2003.

What is the AIS?

Ass in seat - As in; "We are leaving at 4:00 so AIS at 3:55"

What is AIS alarm in digital transmission analyser?

Alarm Indication of signal is full form of AIS.

What do the ais Indians eat?

the Ais Indians Gathered Plants,Caught Fish and Shellfish and hunted

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