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O.K... You've just asked the proverbial '$64,000 Dollar Question"! My initial answer to you (not intended to offend), is: If you don't know where it is and how to change it, you might want to reconsider doing it! The heater core (and the air conditioning evaporator core) is located inside of the evaporator case, which is a large, black, plastic box, located behind the dash. This case (and the heater core) can only be accessed by removing most (depending on your level of expertise) of the dash. I, personally, do not remove the steering wheel, but many techs do (have to?) and all manuals tell you to. Additionally, if you have a console running between the seats, it also must be removed. Note that removing the dash in order to access the core is only half the job, as once you actually remove the core case, it must be placed on a bench, opened and the heater core removed and replaced. This, in itself requires patience and care as not to damage the doors, etc., and care must be taken when re-assembling the core case not to damage any doors, etc., and to make sure that all doors, etc., are functional (nothing is worse than getting the entire thing back together and finding out that something isn't right and/or doesn't work!). I'm not sure how much farther to go with this without knowing your skill level and willingness. Let me say though that this is a challenging job for techs at the intermediate level and even for advanced level techs takes some time and patience in order to prevent problems. Most repair manuals/labor guides call for somewhere in the area of 7-9 labor hours of time. In real man's terms this means a good day/day-and-a-half's worth of work. I, as I'm sure many others have, gotten the repair time down considerably by knowing exactly what tools are required and where everything is (many of the connections and tools are on the engine side of the firewall as well. Two things to consider: First, replacing the heater core requires discharging the A/C system, which requires specialized equipment in order to perform this operation leglly and safely. Secondly, if you are going to replace the heater core (or even have someone else do it), it might not be a bad idea to consider replacing the A/C evaporator core at the same time. I recommend this to my customers in many cases (not to make extra money), because modern-day evaporators last about seven years and then begin to leak. It would be a shame to have to do/have someone do all this again if the A/C evapoator core began to leak months after changing the heater core! Good Luck. SDIgroup

2006-08-17 04:56:23
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How do you change heater coil for ford expedition 1997?

the HEATER CORE can be removed by removing the dash. how do i ghange the dash

How do you change the heater core in 1997 Jeep Cherokee?

you have to remove the dash and steering wheel to get to will also have to disconnect the ac coil...takes any where from 6 to 10 hours...depending on your skill lvl

How many coil packs does a 97 jeep grand Cherokee have?

A 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee has one ignition coil.

How do you change a coil pack in 1997 cavalier?

How do you change a coil pack on a 1997 cavalier

Can you use a coil rail from 2000 jeep Cherokee sport on a 97 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

No. A 1997 does not use a coil rail.

How do you change a heater core on a 1994 caprice?

How do you change the heater coil in a 1994 chevy caprice?

1997 s10 blazer change heater coil?

To many steps to list here, would recomend purchasing a shop manual if you intend on replacing that heater core yourself.

What does the heater coil look like in a 1997 Chevy truck?

The heater core resembles a small radiator.

Does the 1997 jeep Cherokee have a crank sensor or a pickup coil?

It has both.It has both.

How would one change a heater coil on a 1998 V6 Ford Mustang?

A Ford Mustang does not have a heater coil. You must be thinking of your home HVAC.

If on a 1997 Jeep Wrangler hot air does not come out of the heater vents and the hose leading into heater coil is hot but the hose leading out is not what is going on?

Heater CORE, not coil. The core is plugged and needs back flushing or replacement.

Is a heater coil a conductor?

heater coil is good conductor of electricity

How do you change heater core in 1989 Buick Park Avenue?

89 Buick park ave install a heater coil

Where is the heater coil located ina Chevy venture 1999?

The heater coil is located behind the dash board. You will have to remove the dashboard to get at the heater coil

How do you change the spark plugs on a Cherokee 2006?

remove coil packs from valve cover. they are underneath.

You smell antifreeze when you turn on the heater Is it the heater coil?

Clarification of terminology- Heater core not heater coil. And Yes there is a very good chance that it may be leaking.

Water leak on passenger side of 98 Jeep Cherokee?

If the drain plug under the evaporator coil is plugged up it will cause condensation to leak into the car. If the heater core is bad it will allow coolant to leak into the car. If the leak is warm and smells sweet it is the heater coil.

Timing diagram for Mazda 2.0?

how do u change a heater coil on a 978 Pontiac Bonneville

What is a heater coil and a heater core?

The heater coil and a heater core is the same thing. Hot water circulates from the engine and through the heater core then back to engine generating heat for your heater system.

How do you replace the heater coil on a 1997 F-150 2-wheel drive automatic 4.6?

You have to pull the dashboard to get to it.

What color wire is pos on the coil on a 1997 Grand Cherokee Laredo?

Green with orange tracer.Green with orange tracer.

Where is the heater coil on a 1997 Kia Sportage?

i want to say it is behind the glove compartment. The heater cores go out so infrequently on sportages i have basically forgotten. May have changed out 2 in fifteen years.

How to change a distibutor cap on sunfire 1997?

There is no distributor cap on a Pontiac sunfire, only a coil pack. coil pack is located on the back of the engine.

How do you replace ignition coil on 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

there is a coil on each plug

How do you change heater coil in 1997 Chevy silverado?

Pull the dash forward. There are only 2 bolts holding it in place. One on the right and one on the left. It's not TOO hard to get to, not Too hard to change, but takes a LOT of time and patience to put the dash back.