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Where is the heater core in a 1992 Pontiac Bonneville and how do you access it?


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2005-03-19 17:01:27
2005-03-19 17:01:27

Best thing to do is to put your car up on ramps and crawl underneath it and trace where the heater core lines got to in the fire wall. Some heater cores are located in the engine compartment and some oare located inside the vehicle under the dash. Most common places for them in cars is under the dash either on the passenger side behind the glove box or right in the center under the radio. If it is in the center more than likely you will have to remove the dashboard to get it out. If it is in the center and dash removal is necessary it is like a 14 hr labor job in a garage and that can be expensive or a 23 dollar part. Keith(JcWhitney Tech Dept)


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