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Where is the heater core in a 1999 golf and how do you replace it?


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2007-02-19 20:52:19
2007-02-19 20:52:19

Is it the early '99 mk3 or the later '99 mk4?? Either way you have to remove the I/P (dash) and heater box. On the Early 99 you have a large brace to deal with before removing the heater box. On either model the A/C refrigerant has to be recovered and that requires a shop with special equipment. Good Luck.


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You can find the 1985 VW heater core behind the drivers side kick plate. You will need to remove the kick plate in order to access the heater core.

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You might have a small leak in your heater core, had that problem with my 96 Jetta. Had to replace it.

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its a pain. you have to take out the whole dash t do it. and it took me 8 hours to get mine done

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The core of a golf ball is usually made of rubber.

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you have a leak in your heater core. i had the same problem you can either replace the heater core which will cost about 1200 bucks or do it yourself. but before you do know that its difficult and takes along time. you have to remove the whole dashboard im talk everything but steering rack. if you need help go to they have steps on how to do it i think. good luck

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