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Where is the heater core located in a 1998 Oldsmobile bravada?


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2007-02-25 18:15:08
2007-02-25 18:15:08

it is located on the right side of the passenger compartment of the vehicle you would have to remove the whole dash in order to replace it so if you have to ask where it is you probaly won't be able to replace it.


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On front cover of engine by crankshaft pulley.

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On my 1998 the button is on top of the steering column. Try looking there.

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If you have to ask online, then step 1 is finding a qualified shop that can do it for you.

May be a defective thermostat or heater core

in my 89 Oldsmobile delta 88 , the heater motor was directly under the center of the windshield under the hood. black circular thing.

AnswerUnder the plastic access panel marked 'oil filter' in the front of the car low on the front of the engine, right behind the middle of the bummper

My 1997 is located on the drivers side engine block towards the back above spark plugs it threads into engine and has 2 wires coming out

6 1/2 inch speakers on all four doors and 4x6s in the dash

the crank sensor is located just behind the crank shaft pully of the engine.

The heater fan is located under the dash on the passenger side

it is located in the upper housing of the air filter.

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Mine went and the wire for it is located right near the hood latch in the front . I taced it back a litttle and sniped it so then I just pull the wire from the front to open it.

Could be, Low on coolant, A stuck open thermostat, A plugged heater core, A faulty temp blend door actuator,

I believe it is located underneath the front bumper.

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