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It's basically behind the radio inside the cab. This is what you do: 1 Drain the coolant. 2 Disconnect the negative battery cable. 3 Disconnect the heater hoses at the fire- wall 4 Working in the interior, remove the radio, if equipped 5 Disconnect the control cables from the heater unit assembly. 6 Remove the air flow ducts from the sides of the heater unit assembly. 7 Remove any electrical connectors and vacuum lines. 8 Remove the four heater unit assembly mounting screws and pull the unit out 9 Once removed, the heater core can be detached from the heater unit assembly 10 If the heater unit assembly must be dis- assembled in order to reach the heater core, disconnect the rod from the swivel joint and the cold position lever control. Remove the screws that retain the heater core cover and remove the heater core. Note: During reassembly, the control rods must be adjusted.

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Q: Where is the heater core on a 1987 Isuzu Pup and is it hard to change?
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