Where is the helicopter for Grand Theft Auto san andraes?

Helicopter locations in GTA San Andreas:

Raindance (available after Learning To Fly):

· On the Santa Maria Beach in Los Santos, in the same section as the safehouse there.

· At Easter Bay International Airport, San Fierro - by the control tower and near a Leviathan.

· Top of the San Fierro Medical Centre, Santa Flora. Next to a Maverick.

The Sparrow:

· The roof of the Zombotech Corp building in San Fierro

· On the roof pad of Madd Dogg's mansion, available after Home In The Hills.

The Sea Sparrow:

· The helipad in Bayside Marina (but not there all the time)

· North of Verdant Meadows (beside a dock and a shack)

· Sherman Dam, south east end, by a quay.


· Easter Bay International Airport, near the Dodo hangars.

· Helipad of the Los Santos Tower building, Downtown. But not there all the time.

· San Fierro Police HQ helipad, available after Toreno's Last Flight.

· Bayside Marina (where Sea Sparrow spawns occasionally)

· Roof of the San Fierro Medical Centre, Santa Flora.

· The Emerald Isle helipad, Las Venturas.