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Where is the hm whirlpool in Pokemon Diamond?


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whirlpool is not classified as a HM in that Pokemon series, only in heartgold/soulsilver is it a HM, in diamond it is only a simple TM (1use)


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SORRY DUDE THERis no hm for whirlpool in pokemon pearl diamond or platinum only heartgold and soulsilver. but that wuld be AWESOME:))

In Third Generation Whirlpool is no longer an HM.

The HM Whirlpool is not obtainable in Pokemon Platinum, for there is no use for it during gameplay.

Pokemon Black and White don't have HM Whirlpool.

You cannot get the TM/HM Whirlpool in Pokemon Black or White.

you need a Pokemon that can use HM move whirlpool

You cant find it, it's not an HM in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

The HM dive cannot be acquired in Pokemon diamond.

cut, surf, fly, rock smash, rock climb, strength, and waterfall In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum there is HM defog. In HeartGold and SoulSilver there is HM whirlpool.

You will need a Pokemon that knows hm whirlpool. :-)

One of your Pokemon must learn whirlpool from an hm.

You'll need the HM Whirlpool and teach it to one of your Pokemon and you can pass the Whirlpools blocking Whirlpool Cave.

first of all there like ten Hm

in Pokemon leafgreen probably you can't find whirlpool only in diamond/pearl because piplup learns whirlpool when you might start with it as a starter Pokemon

In the ice cave after the first ice maze there is a small ice maze and at the end there is the HM for whirlpool

You get the HM Whirlpool from Lance after you infiltrate Team Rocket's Secret Base in Mahogony Town.

Whirlpool isn't a HM in Pearl because you don't need Whirlpool at any point in the game because there aren't any whirlpools.

HM 1=Cut HM 2=Fly HM 3=Surf HM 4=Strength HM 5=Flash HM 6=Whirlpool HM 7=Waterfall

you need the HM whirlpool (whitch you get it at mahogany town when you shut down the machines lance will give you it)

Lance gives you HM 7 Whirlpool in Mahogany town. Once you help him shut down the generators in the Team Rocket hideout, he will give you Whirlpool.

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