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the holy city of Islam is Makkah in Saudi Arabia

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Is mecca the holy book of islam?

The holy book of islam is "Quran" . Makkah (mecca) is the holy city for beleivers of Islam (muslims)

Where is the Islam holy city?


Is the holiest city of Islam is Mecca?

The city of Mecca and the city of Madina are both holy cities of Islam.

Where is Islam most represented in?

The holy city of at the centre of Islam is Mecca.

What is the name of the Holy City in Islam?


What is a name of the holy city for Islam?


What city is holy for all 3 judaism Christianity Islam?

The city which is sacred and holy for Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is Yerushalaim, Jerusalem, AlQods, respectively.

Is Mecca the Holy city of both Jews and Christians?

Mecca is the holy city of Islam, and has no particular significance in Christianity or Judaism. There are many holy cities for each faith however. For example Jerusalem is a holy city of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

What do both Muslims and Jews claim as a holy city?

Jerusalem is a Holy city in Judaism, Christianity & Islam.

What city is holy to Judaism Christianity and Islam?

JerusalemJerusalem is a mutual holy city for the three religions.

What holy cities are there for Islam?

the holy cities of islam is Mecca city, Medina, Dome of the Rock, Hebron, Mashhad, and Qom. :)

What holy city of Islam that contains the black stone?

The city is Mecca.

Why is Jerusalem considered a holy city in Islam?


What religion considers Jerusalem as a holy city Judaism Christianity or Islam?

All three listed religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam consider Jerusalem to be a holy city.

What is the holy city that these religions have in common?

Three religions have the same Holy City which is Jerusalem: Judaism, Christianism and Islam.

What are Islam and and Jerusalem's holy books?

Islam's holy book is the Qur'an. Jerusalem is a city and therefore has no holy book.

What religions group considers Mecca to be a holy city?


Why is the holy city of Islam important to Muslims?

Well Islam isn't a city it is the Religion. Mecca is the Holy city for the Muslims. It is the birthplace of Mohammed, the prophet sent by Allah. Muslims are the followers of Islam. im 6 years old and i know this y don't you?

How is Jerusalem a holy city of Islam?

Jerusalem is a holy city of Islam for having there Amasjid AlAqsa (or AlAqsa Mosque) that is considered the third holy mosque in Islam history. In addition, prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) during the God miracle to him "Israa&Miiraaj" was ascended to the Heavens from there.

Islamic holy city?

The three main holy cities of Islam are: Mecca Medina Jerusalem

Whats the holy city of Islam?

Mecca, Saudi Arabia. It is where The Kaaba is. The Kaaba is the Holy and most sacred place in Islam. It was built by the Prophet Ibrahim.

What are the holy lands of the Islam religion?

City of Mecca, City of Madina in Saudi Arabia and Jerusalem in Israel are the holy places for muslims.

What is the holy city of lslam?

The first holy city in Islam is Mecca (or Makkah) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Kaaba, the first God worship building on earth, is located in Mecca.The second holy city is Medina (where is the Prophet Mosque and where the prophet is buried).The third holy city in Islam is Jerusalem where there is Al-Aqsa Mosque-ELO-

What city in Saudi Arabia is called the Holy City if Islam?

Mecca is regarded as the holiest city in the religion of Islam. coordinates: 21.3891° N, 39.8579° E

Where is the holy city of Islam located?

Its located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

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