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Where is the horn fuse on a 1993 Mitsubishi Mirage?


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2006-03-30 14:51:06
2006-03-30 14:51:06

Located in the fuse box. Fcing the engine, the box is located on the the right fender.


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in the fuse box under the hood it will be listed on the fusebox cover to witch slot it falls under.

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Usually the lighter is shared with something else (like the horn). Check to see if there is something else not working and look for that fuse.

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where do you find horn fuse on 1993 e250 ford van

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Under the hood on the passenger side , there's a box with diff. pictures on the cover. The pictures correspond to the fuse locations, Remove the cover and locate the horn fuse.

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I would check and see if it has a blowed fuse first.

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