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Where is the horn in an 88 Festiva?


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2006-03-20 17:38:43
2006-03-20 17:38:43

== New Answer== No the horn is located in front of the passenger side tire. it is in front of the metal splash shield under the passenger side. or you could go underneath the car and look right behind the bumper and you will see it. In front of the radiator.


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Passenger lower front fender /w horn relay front end driver side

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buy a new horn and install it

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Its under the right front fender, behind the bumper(passenger side)

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I think it's under the car, near the right tire. Look up.

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On the right side of the car under the bumper is where you should find the horn. Then all you have to do is disconnect the electrical connector and pop on the bolt. Then reinstall in reverse order.

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