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the hull is the body of the aircraft, just like the hull of a ship is the body of the ship. it is the outside skin and the framework

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Q: Where is the hull of an aircraft?
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How thick is the hull of an aircraft carrier?


What type of insurance policies are required for aircraft owners?

At the bare minimum aircraft owners are required to purchase liability insurance covering the operations of the aircraft. If the aircraft is financed they must buy hull replacement insurance is also required.

Where is the mds or type of aircraft information put on the dd form 2026?

end item/hull number

What does cv in us navy stand for?

CV is the hull type designation for an aircraft carrier. This is not to be confused with the aircraft carriers of today, which are CVN. The 'N' stands for nuclear powered. CVs were conventionally powered with boilers.

Aircraft serial number?

I'm not sure what specifically you're after here. Each aircraft has a hull number assigned when it's built, but each user also is assigned a registration number when the aircraft is put into service. All US registered aircraft, for instance, have a registration number beginning with the letter "N," and hence the registration number of a US aircraft is referred to as its "N number." See the Wikipedia page in the link below for more information on aircraft registration designations.

Does a PWC have a displacement hull or planing hull?

Planning hull

Which type of hull is a planing hull?

flat bottom hull

What does CVS on Navy Ships stand for?

Would help if you state which country's Navy are you talking about. Answer: Carrier, of heavier-than-air aircraft. The "V" is a hangover from the old days (1920) when the USN also used to operate blimps. There were separate designations for lighter-than-air and heavier-than-air machines - V for heavier than air, Z for lighter than air. This is why US Navy squadrons (fixed-wing) have a "V" in their designation - because they operate non-blimps.

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