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Where is the idle air control valve located on a 1999 Suzuki Esteem?

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2009-11-20 16:50:59

This is for a 2000 esteem. Give it a try.

Steps to replace your idle control valve

You will want to begin by first gaining access to the idle control

valve. In order to do

this you will need to remove the air filter assembly, along with

the air mass sensor and the air mass meter boot. Once you remove

this whole assembly, you should have easy

access to the throttle body.

Remove the four bolts that secure the throttle body to the intake


Usually on the bottom of the throttle body, on fuel injected cars,

there is a idle control

valve. To remove the old valve, simply unscrew or unbolt it.

Bolt on the new valve, and reinstall everything. Make sure you

replace your throttle

body gasket at this time

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